Matt + Caitlin // Tucson Museum of Art

June 14, 2019


Caitlin and Matt’s fall wedding at The Tucson Museum of Art has a special place in my heart. I first met the Peel family three years ago when I photographed Tracy and Isaac’s wedding (Caitlin’s sister) at a gorgeous venue in downtown Tucson. Everyone was so kind and gracious, and we had an absolute blast. So I was thrilled when Caitlin got engaged and reached out to me while planning her wedding. 

Their engagement story is seriously my favorite!

From the bride:

Matt and I got engaged on April 14, 2017. We were in Lincoln City on the Oregon coast hiking to a waterfall that you can see from a suspension bridge. Little did I know that my fear of heights was exacerbated by standing on a dangling bridge overlooking a raging waterfall! I was standing on the bridge, frozen in fear, and Matt tried to say something to me and put his arm around me. I responded with "Don't touch me!" and ran toward solid ground. He followed me to the mud pit where I was standing and said "Well, I guess this is as good a place as any," and got down on one knee. I was completely shocked, I had no idea he was planning to propose the whole day. It was sweet, funny, and very indicative of our relationship. Even if the bridge in front of the waterfall would have been more picturesque, we're just as happy down in the mud.

These two have the kind of fun-loving, laugh-a-lot, genuine relationship we all crave! They've been together seven years and have lived and worked in Portland with their cat Louis for the last few years. Louis is a little black and white tuxedo cat with really short legs. Check out this funny article the groom wrote about him:

They love to cook, go to movies, play old school video games (they gifted each other a Super Nintendo for their 7th anniversary), drink wine, and laugh…a lot! Their wedding at the museum was perfect in every way and it was such an honor to photograph it. Wishing you two a lifetime of love and lots of laughter!

Venue: The Tucson Museum of Art

Bridal Gown: Maya Palace

Hair and Makeup: Gadabout

Caterer/Bakery: Cafe A La Carte

Invitations/Programs: Vista Print