Danyelle + Aaron Tucson Engagement

March 08, 2019

It was an absolute joy getting to know Danyelle and Aaron at our desert engagement session last fall! I love their fairytale and am so excited for their spring wedding!  

From the couple: 

Welcome to our fairytale!

Aaron and I met for the first time almost three years ago at my white coat ceremony for PA school. We met again last May at his sister's wedding. He finally asked me to dance and then we spent the night talking and talking. I'm pretty sure Aaron told me that he was going to marry me that night but I didn't believe him. As an avid watcher of all romance movies, I was pretty convinced that real life was not like the movies.

As fate would have it, we ran into each other again in the Las Vegas airport later that summer. We ended up sharing an Uber to the hotel that be both just happened to be staying at and spent some more time getting to know one another.

After Las Vegas, Aaron took me on a whirlwind trip to Maui, Hawaii. A wise person once said, "If you can travel with him, marry him." We rented a Mustang convertible and explored most of the island together. Our first date was at the Four Seasons Resort (Aaron set the bar really high for himself for the future, sorry babe!). And on a beach outside of our hotel we both decided to commit 100% to a long distance relationship.

Aaron and I have gone on many adventures together since Hawaii.

We have:

Explored Sedona and the red rocks

Spent New Years Eve in San Diego

Gone wine tasting in the Arizona Desert.

Indulged our inner child at Disneyland.

Survived the holiday season with our families

Welcomed a dog-child into our lives

And now we are getting ready to embark on our biggest adventure yet! Thank you for joining us on this crazy ride!