Melissa Holland Photography | Emily & Michael Wedding, La Cocina, Tucson, AZ

Emily & Michael Wedding, La Cocina, Tucson, AZ

February 15, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Emily and Michael are such a cool couple.  Let me just tell you a few highlights from their day:

1. They had a gorgeous first look out at Gates Pass

2. Emily was determined to do a jumping photo in her dress and she nailed it 

3. La Cocina was the perfect venue for their ceremony and reception - it's beautiful, intimate, and sooooo Tucson!

4.  Their hand written letters to each other during the ceremony had everyone in tears (including me)

5. Mike followed the jewish tradition of breaking the glass at the end of the ceremony and I think I yelled "Mazel tov!" louder than anyone

5. Their Horah dance pretty much brought the house down and was so much fun to photograph

6. There was an arm wrestling match

7. Everyone danced to Thriller

8. And the groom sang Karaoke to Baby Got Back

All of that and MORE are why you have to check out their wedding below!  Enjoy! XO


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