Casey + Zoe // Catalina State Park Wedding

January 21, 2021

Looking back on this beautiful wedding brings me such happiness! It feels good to be reminded of life before the pandemic - when embraces, laughter without masks, and large group celebrations were the norm. 

I first met Casey and Zoe at Pueblo Vida Brewing in downtown Tucson in early 2019. They met on Tinder (a modern romance) just under five years ago. Their first date was at a very hip bar in Spokane, WA and ended at the pizza place across the street. Zoe's heart was soon stolen with his homemade pizza and their fates were sealed. However, they had to endure long distance for a few years before Zoe finally moved down to Tucson. 

These two are a perfect match in every way and their engagement story is perfectly them! From Zoe: 

"Last September, we had gotten home after getting ice cream from Dairy Queen and we were sitting in the backyard. Casey had been talking about a surprise he was working on, with a jeweler. I had my suspicions, but had sufficiently squashed them to prevent any potential disappointment if it wasn't an engagement ring. It totally was, but when Casey presented the ring to me and said "Do you wanna...?" My reaction was to say, "Oh, wow!" And accept the ring while my little hamster wheel very slowly processed what was happening. I figured it out....eventually, and everyone made fun of me forever."

Since they are anything but traditional, they wanted something different for their engagement session. In case you missed it, check it out here

They had a beautiful January day for their celebration at Catalina State Park. The party continued with delicious food, dancing and so much laughter at Casey's parents' house. This was the last wedding I documented before COVID hit. It took me this long to post it because so much of my motivation left when the pandemic changed everything. But it feels good to be back! 

Love is out there. Every day. Everywhere. Even in a pandemic.

Stay safe and healthy friends!